Dear Neighbors,

It's been a privilege representing St. Louis Park as your mayor for the past four years. I'm proud of the things we have accomplished together:

  • Forty years in the making, the Green Line Extension (SWLRT) construction is underway and will help residents commute to work, visit downtown Minneapolis, and explore the region.
  • We've added curbside organics collection to our trash and recycling program.
  • Working with our schools, we've empowered our youth to use their voices and engage on a variety of issues, leading to a new local business (the Nest Coffee Shop) and city action (Climate Action Plan).
  • As co-chair of the National League of Cities Race Equity and Leadership initiative, I've worked hard to bring forward new voices to our discussions and anplify the voices of those who cannot be at the table.

I'm proud of the things we've accomplished together--and mindful that there's more to be done.  I'm running to be your mayor again so that I can help us do more: Grow, Refine, Reimagine.  Together we will make St. Louis Park an even greater place to live!  

I would be honored to have your vote on November 5th.







The City of Saint Louis Park contains over 38,000 registered voters.  Reaching out to them with my message about the issues in this campaign costs money.  If you can help to cover some of the expense, I'd be very grateful.

Please note:  The maximum contribution per individual is $600.

There are two ways to contribute to my campaign.

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#2  You can send a check made out to Spano For Mayor to:

Jake Spano
3978 Dakota Ave S
St. Louis Park, MN  55416

Thank you!




I'll be very grateful for volunteers who can help my campaign get my message out to the voters. Anything you can do is helpful. I especially appreciate folks who are willing to be listed publicly as supporters.

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About Jake


Jake Spano has served as mayor since 2016 and as a city council member from 2012-2016. Jake grew up in Lawrence, Kansas but with his family all natives of Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes just felt like home so came to Minnesota for college.  He received his undergraduate degree from Hamline University and his Masters from the University of Minnesota – Duluth.

Noted accomplishments and milestones during Jake’s time on the council:

  • Created a coalition of suburban mayors to get the Green Line extension of light rail passed with substantial safety improvements in the Park.
  • Passed an inclusionary affordable housing policy, one of the first in the metro, that tied funding of affordable housing to our growth as a community, ensuring developers included everyday Park residents in their housing plans.
  • Introduced and passed a resolution opposing the constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage.
  • Revamped the city’s solid waste program to expand recycling and introduce the state’s first curbside compost collection program which increased Hennepin County’s organics collection rates by 42% alone!
  • Passed the most aggressive climate action plan of any city in the state and one of the most aggressive of any city in the country – carbon neutrality by 2040.
  • Worked to empower our youth and engage them in the process of community leadership.
  • Through sustained effort, created a Race Equity department in city government and hired a staff to ensure our services are being provided to our residents fairly and equitably.
  • Expanded access to sidewalks, bike trails and other forms of multi-modal transportation.
  • Worked with neighboring cities, the state, and federal government, to hold polluters accountable for cleanup in our community and made substantial upgrades in water quality treatment facilities in the Park to maintain our clean drinking water.
  • Built the award winning ROC (Recreation and Outdoor Center), upgraded the Rec Center, and now building the new Westwood Hills Nature Center, the first net zero commercial building in the state of Minnesota.

Jake’s day job is as deputy secretary of State to Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon. Before that he served St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman as marketing director for the city and before that he was the policy director and led the four state offices and staff for United States Senator Amy Klobuchar.  Before entering public service, Jake was a project manager in the architecture, design and construction industry. 

Jake currently serves on the following bodies:

  • Southwest Light Rail Transit Corridor Management Committee
  • Executive Committee for the Regional Council of Mayors
  • Member of the U.S. Conference of Mayors
  • Member of the Transportation Committee for the National League of Cities (NLC) Federal Advocacy Board
  • Chair of the National League of Cities Transit Subcommittee for the NLC Federal Advocacy Board
  • Co-vice chair of the National League of Cities Race, Equity and Leadership (REAL) Council

Jake’s wife is a teacher in the St. Louis Park Public Schools, where both of their children have attended. Jake and his family have a four year old mutt named Derby who would run all day if you let her.







  • Continue to champion affordable housing development while balancing the needs of growing families.
  • Ensure that Green Line Extenison stations revitalize the areas around them so that light rail serves our community, not simply stops in it.


  • Advance the Our Climate Action Plan to achieve a zero carbon footprint by 2040.
  • Ensure that our city workforce better reflects and serves all of our community.


  • Rethink and expand the neighborhood association system to better reflect our growing needs.
  • Reimagine our local parks and recreation system to better serve residents where they live - in their neighborhoods.
  • As someone who's wife teaches in the SLP schools and kids have attended our schools, I want to establish and even better partnership with all of our schools.

Together we will continue making St. Louis Park a great place to live.